Our values/

For more than 10 years now, the men and women of OSMOZIS, inspired by the values of transparency and authenticity, have been putting their technical expertise, innovative ability, energy and dynamism at the service of their customers. In the market for wireless Internet access and the Internet of Things for European holiday centres, we develop solutions that link fixed equipment (cameras, loud-speakers, etc.) and mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.) through a single meshed OsmoMesh™ WiFi network.

The aim of our teams is to offer solutions that cover the essential requirements of holiday centres, camp sites, ski resorts and marinas and to maintain the equipment on sites in perfect running order to ensure the highest level of satisfaction for our customers and users.


Osmozis is managed by three Committees

The Management Committee
This committee defines the company’s strategy, mission and values.



Engineering graduate of Centrale Marseille, Doctor in ultra-high frequency and optoelectronics of the Grenoble INPG School of Engineering, and Management graduate of the University of Stanford (USA).

Gérard started his career with 6 years in Research and Development in California’s Silicon Valley. After managing a team of 20 international business engineers at Technicolor in Brest, in 1999 he created his first start-up in the field of web conferencing. It was taken over in 2003 by the American company MeetingOne.


Yves BOULOT – General Manager


Senior Engineer Bretagne Telecom.

Before co-founding Osmozis, Yves directed technical-commercial projects for major telecom equipment manufacturers in the field of Video network (Orange, Lucent Technology, Technicolor).



Doctor in Automatic Systems and Microelectronics – University of Montpellier.

Rémi achieved his doctorate in 2011, while working at Osmozis, with his contribution “Étude et Amélioration de la qualité de service sur un réseau WiFi maillé” (Study and improvement of the service quality on a meshed WiFi network), thanks to Osmozis’ close collaboration since its creation with the University of Montpellier. Rémi is now the Technical Director and Executive Manager.

The Improvement Committee
This consists of the principal Managers and Heads of Department and considers suggestions for improvements from all employees in all areas of the company. The committee meets regularly to review suggestions and decide whether or not to adopt them.

The Experts Committee
This committee brings together professionals with a wide experience of holiday centre management on the ground. It makes suggestions to the Management of Osmozis regarding areas for product development to facilitate life in holiday centres, while bearing in mind simplicity, effectiveness, the constraints involved and the costs.

Osmozis in figures, 2016/

  • 1000 sites in Europe
  • Annual access to 7 million holidaymakers
  • €8M turnover
  • 5 companies in Europe
  • 70 employees


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