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Osmozis networks are technologically ready to cater for multiple connected solutions, making life easier for both holidaymakers and tourist site managers. Osmozis uses its secure networks to connect many devices and services, such as CCTV cameras and alarm systems. Software solutions provide an e-caretaker and activity reservation service for holidaymakers and a management and planning tool covering activities, maintenance and security for site managers. An Expert committee, consisting of tourist site managers, contributes to the choice of solutions developed by Osmozis to provide the best responses to requirements.

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Thanks to a Research and Development team of approximately ten engineers and specialists, Osmozis provides innovative hardware and software solutions. Osmozis develops technologies that are ideally suited to the world of tourism and maximise customer satisfaction. Patent applications have been submitted for these innovations in Europe. A close, 10-year collaboration with universities has provided access to research skills recognised throughout Europe. Osmozis sets up multi-service wireless Internet networks from OsmoSpot™ terminals, developed and manufactured in its workshops and fitted by its own qualified technicians, thus ensuring full management of its systems.

Flexible Wi-Fi solutions

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As a specialist in global coverage, Osmozis is suited to all surfaces and constraints in all holiday locations and can thus meet its customers’ quality criteria by guaranteeing reliable meshing over the entire site. Osmozis meshed Wi-Fi technology enables wireless equipment (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to connect at the highest speed available, whether the network is delivered by ADSL or fibre optic. The system is highly flexible and allows tourist site managers to personalise their rates for holidaymakers, according to the type of accommodation, for instance, or the season.

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Osmozis introduces Dorie, the Ladybird

Osmozis has been a supplier and operator of multi-service networks in European holiday centres since 2005. Osmozis invents, develops, manufactures, tests, installs and operates its wireless Wi-Fi networks and all associated connected devices solutions. Osmozis has its own staff teams in Europe to carry out all operations and check their quality. With its turnover increasing by more than 25% per year, Osmozis is investing in its growth in order to satisfy its European customers with very high-speed wireless networks and new services and connected devices for a world of “connected holidays”.

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Osmozis introduces Dorie, the Ladybird

To meet the needs of increasingly demanding customers, professionals in the open-air hotel industry and tourism have to be able to offer high-quality and reliable services that are permanently available. Osmozis supports its customers by providing tried and tested solutions and an impeccable after-sales service 365 days a year. In addition to this, Osmozis is always prepared to listen to new requirements in order to respond to changes in behaviour with the best offer of services.


Osmozis certifies third-party solutions for services and connected devices. Osmozis ensures that solutions offered by holiday centre suppliers are interoperable with Osmozis networks.


A wireless sound alarm device covering a site to ensure its safety and alert holidaymakers in the event of danger (fire, flooding, storm, etc.). Totally safe battery-operated system.


A wireless CCTV solution to improve security, monitor sensitive areas of the site and ensure that people and property are protected. Very high-definition cameras.


An e-caretaker service available free of charge to all holidaymakers in all areas of the site with no app to be downloaded. Find out about events and book activities.


A comprehensive software solution ensuring smooth site administration of all one-off and regular technical work and optimising time and activity management.

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Osmozis introduces Dorie, the Ladybird

Osmozis provides services that are easy to use over the whole site for the day-to-day running of holiday centres. With its centralised management of connected services through the Professionals space, Osmozis guarantees the best possible site management and comprehensive monitoring of each service.

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