Osmozis connected services/

A connected devices revolution is taking place. This concerns all areas of our lives. Osmozis focuses on resort locations, providing solutions that are ideally suited to the needs of holidaymakers and holiday site managers and tourism agents

What services are available for “connected holidays”?/

Flexible WiFi/

Osmozis is suited to all surfaces and constraints in all resort locations and can thus meet its customers’ quality criteria by guaranteeing reliable networking over the entire site. Osmozis’ meshed WiFi technology enables wireless equipment (computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.) to connect at the highest speed available, whether the network is delivered by ADSL or fibre optic broadband and regardless of the number of connections.

The Osmozis WiFi solution was developed to adapt to interior and exterior locations to cover both small areas consisting of a few residences and very large areas of several hundred hectares, with no saturation of WiFi channels thanks to a network of suitable antennas. The engineering of the networks used ensures that each residence is covered by at least two OsmoSpot terminals, thus providing continuity in the overall coverage, even in cases of a simple fault.

The system is highly flexible at all times and the OsmoTouch™ system allows holiday site managers to personalise their free/chargeable rates for holidaymakers, for example according to the type of accommodation or the season.


Osmozis has set up an “OsmoConnect™ certification” for third-party companies offering services and connected devices solutions. This certification ensures that all connected devices and networks solutions operate perfectly and sustainably on Osmozis networks.

This certification relates to all solutions, such as home automation and electronic money systems and any device not requiring data transmission in real time (voices and images). Real-time solutions can require, on a case by case basis, the densification or restructuring of the existing Osmozis networks order to avoid disrupting other services that are already operational.

Similarly, Osmozis is careful regarding solutions that require bandwidth in ADSL links and impacting the WiFi service. A list of certified solutions is available on request.

Real-time solutions such as OsmoCam™ and OsmoAlert™, specifically developed for Osmozis WiFi networks, are the preferred options as they are ideally suited and have been tested on the ground.


OsmoKey™ is a system that removes the traditional key by registering a time limited access right ideally on a wristband or a disposable RFID holder, provided to each member of a family. The lock connected Bluetooth / RFID mobile home is then associated with each holder of the right of access during the duration of his stay.

OsmoKey™ reduces the binding management of keys for the operator on arrival / departure and provides comfort to the holidaymakers during their stay.

OsmoKey™ will also be able to regulate staff input to sensitive areas such as equipment storage areas or food stores.

OsmoKey™ records all entries / exits (identity of the holder, date and time) allowing statistical processing or counting and better manage litigation (burglary without breaking and entering for example).


A wireless CCTV solution for improving security, permanently monitoring sensitive areas of the site and ensuring that people and property are protected.

CCTV cameras are supported by the Osmozis wireless multi-service network in place throughout the site. The OsmoCam™ was fully developed by Osmozis engineers and allows images from the site or any other place to be viewed, in real or delayed time, using a secure Internet access. Both inside and outside cameras have an anti-vandalism option and provide images of an excellent quality with opportunities for Very High-Resolution in order to recognise and identify people by day and night.

OsmoCam™ solutions are constantly monitored, 365 days a year, from Osmozis monitoring centres that guarantee a unique quality of service in Europe.

Osmozis supports its customers in the selection and positioning of cameras and also in making statements to the Authorities.

Canal Info™/

The Canal Info™ is a virtual caretaker service: an e-caretaker, accessible free of charge throughout the site to all holidaymakers with no app to be downloaded and allowing holidaymakers to find out about events and book activities.

Free or chargeable activities, managed internally or in partnership with external actors, are entered in a multilingual planning interface (French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch). Upon activation, all activities are immediately visible by vacationers on a phone, computer or tablet. In addition to the Canal Info™ service, you can get the Totem Info™, a 42″ interactive touch screen.

Holidaymakers can log in and book an activity. If the activity is chargeable, they can then pay by bank card. Managers of activities outside the site have reserved access to their activity.


OsmoAlert™ is a wireless sound alarm device that ensures the site’s safety and alerts holidaymakers in the event of danger (fire, flooding, storm, pollution, etc.).

In response to changing security regulations and standards on holiday sites, Osmozis offers an integrated secure electrical solution that is easy to implement.

Pre-recorded multi-lingual alert messages can be broadcast in a few seconds, either to certain areas of the site or to the entire site. Voice messages can also be broadcast in real time.

OsmoAlert™ is a turnkey service requiring no external building work.

The operational state of OsmoAlert™ is available on the Professionals space at all times.

OsmoAlert™ meets the legal requirements of some regions in terms of security in the open-air hotel industry.


OsmoCheck™ is a software solution for managing all one-off or regular technical work carried out by maintenance and security technicians.

OsmoCheck™ allows for the planning of regular and predictable work throughout the year (swimming pool maintenance and overwintering, for instance) with task monitoring (regular actions taken, corrective measures if necessary) in addition to the management of unforeseeable maintenance work (change of gas bottle) and also the mandatory administrative checks before and during the holiday centre’s period of activity.

A maintenance technician sees the list of jobs to be carried out on a telephone with no Telecom smartcard. He takes on one of these jobs and, when the work is complete, indicates that the job has been done.

OsmoCheck™ enables its users to optimise the organisation of human resources, avoid forgetting actions that need to be taken and ensure statistical monitoring of problems noted.

Innovative and progressive services/

The services developed and operated by Osmozis are regularly updated, automatically integrating the latest technologies. Osmozis customers thus continually benefit from the highest-quality of service available on the market.


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